Broken bones, anesthesia and guilt

Broken bones, anesthesia and guilt

My daughter broke her arm in two places a few nights ago. My guilt is heavy for not being in the room and stopping the reckless game and I’m scared for her first experience with anesthesia. 

The injury was not from the trampoline or gymnastics, it happened simply playing with her brother and an odd and unfortunate fall. After five plus hours in the emergency room, it was determined that her left forearm is fractured in two places and surgery is suggested and scheduled for tomorrow to make sure the bones grow together properly.

Despite her positive spirit, it is always a challenge to see a loved one in pain and surprising to realize the help she needs in everything from going to the bathroom to getting dressed.  I’m frustrated that her violin and dance lessons will need to be paused and sad she can’t be her usual active self.

I am hopeful the anesthesia and surgery will be uneventful, but please send your good vibes, prayers and healing thoughts to my daughter and I will keep breathing and do my best to let the guilt go.

Let’s hope my cartwheeling and back bending girl will be back soon.


Have you ever dealt with a broken arm or surgery? 

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