What to do in Seattle

What to do in Seattle

My husband treated me to a wonderful birthday weekend in Seattle.  It took 40 years to make it to this gray, yet comfortable northwest city and am happy to share the, mostly touristy, fun things we did. For our short visit I was pleasantly surprised by the vibe, food, beauty and transportation of Seattle.


The Space Needle. This Jetson-like structure built in the 1960s gives the best view of the city and water. While waiting in line we learned about how this unique observation deck was quickly built in time for the World’s Fair. We easily took the monorail from downtown right to the Space Needle.


Chihuly Gardens. This indoor and outdoor exhibit is right near the Space Needle and an opportunity to view the brilliant glass blowing of the brilliant eye-patched artist.


Pike Place Market. This market on the water is crowded and overwhelming, but worth a visit to see the diverse shops, markets, the famous fish throwing and feel the oceanfront breeze.


As long as you are at Pike Place Market, it is interesting yet somewhat scary for my germ-shy husband gum wall. 


Bainbridge Island. To escape the city chaos, we took a thirty-minute ferry boat ride over to the quaint Bainbridge Island for a leisurely lunch and admired the local offerings as we explored book and record stores. We walked along the water in the small, quiet island with a view of the city.


My husband planned a dinner in Fremont for one of my favorite meals and insisted, according to his research, we had to visit this Troll.

The trip was a welcome escape from the daily grind and an inspiring way to begin this new decade.

Have you been to Seattle?  What would you add as a must-see? 

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