Pros and cons of the first three days of overnight camp

Pros and cons of the first three days of overnight camp

I never used to understand how parents could send their children away for four or eight weeks to overnight camp over the summer.  Yet, a lot changed this year and last Sunday I found myself waving to my calm son on a bus headed to Northern Wisconsin.

Generally a worrier, I’m surprised at the contentment I feel after three days, one postcard and lots of online photo stalking.  Here are the pros and cons of overnight camp so far…for me.


  1. I can tell my son is happy in the few pictures I’ve seen. He is a part of an all male inclusive community and I can tell it is a positive place for him.
  2. I don’t have to make a hungry, growing boy three meals a day for a few weeks.
  3. My house is quiet.
  4. He gets to experience water skiing, rocketry, outdoor wilderness survival, living in a cabin and a simpler life.
  5. No electronics for him! That alone is enough of a plus for me.


  1. Obsessively checking the camp website and mail box for photos, letters or updates.
  2. I miss him.
  3. My house is quiet.

This is one of those parenting moments that I shouldn’t have judged before I experienced.  He is blessed to be able to experience this carefree and eye opening experience.  I believe he will come home a new, confident and independent tween.

Have you gone to or sent your kids to overnight camp? 

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