Outdaughtered is the new Jon and Kate Plus 8

Outdaughtered is the new Jon and Kate Plus 8

Did you used to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8? If yes, you need to see Outdaughtered on TLC.

Many years ago when my kids were babies, I loved to watch the young “normal” parents as they navigated eight children.  I admired Kate’s organization and watched in awe as she constantly yelled at her husband.

Then scandal erupted and it was impossible for the TLC stars to escape stories of infidelity, plastic surgery, custody battles and hair extensions.  It left a sour taste in my mouth.  The disgusting Duggar accusations and didn’t help with my lack of faith in TLC.

This summer my daughter and I were looking for something on television we both would enjoy and stumbled on Outdaughtered.

Outdaughtered is about another young couple, the Busbys raising six girls in Texas – including the only all girl quintuplets in the country.  Recently it was revealed the dad, Buzz, was diagnosed with postpartum depression.  It was the first I heard of a male experiencing postpartum blues, but see how the stress of supporting (and keeping alive) six children can be intense.

The Busbys are likable and calm and it is always fun to look at cute babies. I really hope this couple stays married and the reality curse doesn’t happen again.

Have you watched Outdaughtered?  Any other summer TV shows to catch up on? 

Other shows I’ve enjoyed: Big Little Lies, The Affair and New Girl

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