How to survive jet lag

How to survive jet lag

Traveling is wonderful, but jet lag can be difficult and frustrating.  It has been awhile since I’ve suffered the effects of jet lag and the first time my children have experienced it.

Hawaii is five hours behind Chicago and I didn’t realize how much it would change our sleep schedule.  The first morning I woke up rested at 3:45 a.m. with the kids awake within the hour.  Excited to be at our beautiful destination, we didn’t let the early hour hold us from exploring the island.  The remainder of the trip we mostly woke up early and went to bed fairly early most nights.

The return trip was more challenging because in addition to the five hour time change, we also took a red eye home from Los Angeles and didn’t sleep on the plane.

Since then we have been awake late and sleeping late, when possible.  I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks to avoid or at least help with the hard to explain jet lag.

  • Be well rested when the traveling begins.
  • Use the plane ride to rest or nap.
  • When you arrive, try not to nap and go to sleep at an early local time.
  • My daughter and I have been using Insight Timer’s Full Body Relaxation for Sleep.
  • Don’t over drink coffee, wine or use sleeping pills.  The more natural the better.
  • Drink water, exercise, eat clean and take care of your body.

Do you have any tips for getting over jet lag? 

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