Pros and Cons of not sending your kids to camp

Pros and Cons of not sending your kids to camp

Due to traveling and the desire for lack of a schedule I decided not to send my kids to camp the first three weeks of summer. Since that possibly naive decision, I’ve realized that everybody in my suburb goes to camp.

Never one into keeping up with everybody else I didn’t think it would be a problem, unless when I try to invite friends over or to join us at the pool and realize everybody is busy.

Regardless it has been an interesting week and a half and I’ve learned a lot.


  • As I wanted we have very little schedule, which after a few days of getting into a rhythm is awesome. To be honest, my calendar still has something on it everyday whether it be an appointment, yoga class or something I planned for us.
  • My kids have been spending time together.  They are always close but during the school year I notice more of a separation, even their downtime time and interests were different.  Now, they are spending much of the day with each other be it listening to music, playing outside, being creative or watching a movie together.
  • They each have time to explore interests and learn in a way that doesn’t happen during the school year. My son has explored cooking and it has been extremely fun to watch him experiment with different types of eggs and move on to other dishes, me not having to prepare meals and getting to eat them. My girl has been diligently writing a story on my computer.
  • They get to see me work.  I often wonder if my kids think I sit home and watch TV all day.  With them home, they see me prep, set up and teach yoga out of our home as well as work on my writing.
  • We get to be in the sun and do fun summer activities together.


  • No alone time.  I am used to my space and quiet time and always try to schedule at least an hour when they are at school for me.
  • It is more stressful to work while kids are around, especially when they are making messes and hogging my computer.
  • Exhausting. I’ve said it before but teachers have the hardest job ever.

I am grateful that I able to be home and spend the time with my children, especially at ages eight and eleven.  I know the days are long but the years are short and it truly has been an eye opening and learning experience for all of us.

Have you ever kept your kids home from camp or had time with no schedule? 

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