Essential oils to calm and focus our fast-paced lives

Essential oils to calm and focus our fast-paced lives

Gurunanda essential oils are modern, practical and natural solutions to calm and focus on our busy, fast-paced lives.  The 100% pure oils contain no synthetic agreements and our grown and distilled on the world’s most reputable farms.

My typical favorites are lavender and peppermint, but I decided to sample the less familiar scents of cedarwood, lemon, frankincense, rosemary and an intriguing blend called slim.

Cedarwood is meant to balance, calms and grounds and reminds me of the smell of camping.

Frankincense centers, focuses and relaxes with its sweet balsamic aroma.

Lemon is known for detoxifying, cleansing and refreshing properties.

Rosemary smells like the herb and the aroma helps focus, renew and aids digestion.

Slim is a mix of grapefruit, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon and ginger. It claims to help boost metabolism, energize and manage cravings (although I am eating pretzels while I’m wearing it now).


I tend to place a dot on my wrists and under my nose, but a diffuser is another great option and will ensure your space is balanced and smells delicious. You also can mix with coconut, olive or almond oil and use to massage onto your body and put a few drops in your shower or bath.

The Gurunanda Essential Oils are available at an affordable price here and in the pharmacy section of most Walmart stores.

Have you used any of these oils? 

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