Chelsea Clinton's "She Persisted" a must-read for all ages

Chelsea Clinton's "She Persisted" a must-read for all ages

Chelsea Clinton has added children’s book author to her resume recently releasing “She Persisted 13 American Women Who Changed the World.”

This book, beautifully illustrated by Alexandra Boiger, was inspired by Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to be silenced by the Senate. This created many marches and women who have spoken out on how they too have faced adversity.

Stories of thirteen women from Oprah Winfrey to Ruby Bridges are told in a simple way to encourage all children to never give up or take no for an answer.

The fastest woman ever, Florence Griffith Joyner, said, “When anyone tells me I can’t do anything…I’m just not listening anymore.”

Both my children learned new information from this book, including that Virginia Apgar created the Apgar score to test a newborn’s health after she was told she couldn’t be a woman surgeon.


Have you read She Persisted?  Can you suggest any other girl power books? 

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