Things I am loving: A meditation app and a yoga headband

Things I am loving: A meditation app and a yoga headband

There are some new things I am loving that I want to share with you this summer-like afternoon.

Insight Timer app is any easy way to track and encourage my meditation practice.  This free app (see above) offers guided meditation, groups and also a timer to track your meditation. It also shows me that 3,783 other people are meditating right now with me.


A Pieces to Peaces headband solves my hair in my face during yoga problem. Plus, they come in many patterns and soft fabrics and can be worn many different ways.  My daughter loves these super cute and colorful headbands maybe more than I do.


KRa Organic Sports Drink has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and tastes delicious before or after a yoga practice. My kids who are used to me giving them water, were thrilled when I offered KRā  to them and their friends after playing outside.


Crystal Deodorant contains no aluminum or parabéns and are alcohol-free, they dry instantly and leave no residue.  I love the Chamomile & Green Tea, but they all smell fresh. I placed body roll-on deodorant in my tween’s bathroom, but do not have proof it is has been used.

What things are you loving these days? 

Other spring things I’m loving, my favorite children’s book and empathy cards

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