Saying goodbye to my dog

Saying goodbye to my dog

Thirteen Mays ago my husband and I, then newlyweds, adopted an adorable puppy.  This puppy got very big and ruined carpet, ate toys, stole napkins along with our hearts.

He frustrated me with his constant need for attention and his white dog hair on everything from my black pants to my yoga mat. His wagging tail and excitement to see me every time I walked in the door and following me around made cleaning up dog poop for over a decade worth it.

Last night we said goodbye to our furry family member.  There is nobody to lick up the crumbs from the kids and I even miss his loud bark asking to go outside and then back inside and then out again and in.

I created a video of his wonderful life and want to share him with you.

It is very quiet in my house now.  I miss him. 

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