Starbucks unicorn drink has too much sugar

Starbucks unicorn drink has too much sugar
Photo from Lauren Smekhov

My Facebook and Instagram feeds have been clogged with photos of an unnaturally colorful new Starbucks unicorn drink.  My initial reaction is disgust that Starbucks would offer a sugar filled Frappuccino.

I dug a little deeper and learned the sugar amount is twice as much as an adult needs in one day! Why is that necessary for anyone, especially children? My smart friend shared the drink is equivalent to three snickers bars!  Would you let your kids eat not one but THREE bars?  

I am a Starbucks customer and appreciate they now offer coconut and almond milk to their latte choices and the drive thru in times of desperation.  My kids have picked out semi-healthy pre-packed veggie and cheese packs, granola bars and my daughter loves the half of a peanut butter sandwich box.  I can hear them asking me for this treat the next time I’m getting my caffeine fix and I’m sure the signage won’t let them miss the pink sprinkles and word unicorn.

I know I should not care about this drink.  I just wish we were sharing something that would help our bodies instead of hurt it.

Do you agree with me or am I being crazy?

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