From city to suburbs nine months later

From city to suburbs nine months later

It’s been nine months since we made the move from the city to the suburbs.  I still feel like the new girl and preface my introductions with, “we just moved here” as it seems everybody has known everyone for years and years.

Now that our initially blank canvas of our house has finally come together to be home, our routines are consistent and each of us have met interesting individuals we can call friends, I’ve decided I’m retiring the, “we just moved here.”

We live here now.

The things I miss about the city: friends and yoga students, Bahn Mi, walking to get food anytime and the diversity.

What I don’t miss is the noise, stress, parking and crime.

I’ve noticed the people, in general, seem to be friendlier and more respectful of each other here, most of them city transplants themselves.

Last weekend my daughter and I went on a quiet bike ride to Menchies. She yelled to me behind her, “Remember when we used to ride our bikes to Wrigley Field?”

Yes, I am thrilled she has city memories, yet remember white knuckling the handlebars as my heart pounded, loosing my voice screaming to stop at every stop sign and light.  It was invigorating to balance between the other cyclers, parked cars and passing traffic, but it is a relief to now ride down open roads where we can enjoy the nature instead of worrying about our safety.

I peddled up beside her and said, “I do. But, we live here now.”

Have you done the move or are you considering it?  Reach out if you have questions, the kid’s transition was easier than expected.

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