Save paper with the Wipenote reusable notebook

Save paper with the Wipenote reusable notebook

My daughter loves art and I am very supportive of her creativity, except the fact that she wastes so much paper!  There are pieces of post-its, notecards, construction, computer and scraps of paper with doodles, notes, games and drawings everywhere.  By this point, my girl is pretty used to me recycling the majority of it.

Then I learned about the reusable Wipenote notebook and all my problems were solved.  Now she can write, draw, and erase as many times as she wants and all her creations are in one spot.


This pretty dry erase notebook works great in the car, at restaurants, if we are waiting for an appointment or basically anytime she asks to look at my phone. It is tech-free and practical that now my daughter can keep the art she is happy with and erase the spots or pages she doesn’t like or need anymore.  The notebook is also where I write my grocery lists and notes and erase once done.

I wanted to share this with you because it saves a ton of paper, reduces clutter, keeps kids away from screens and we both love using the Wipenote.


Do you have paper problems in your house? Have you tried a reusable notebook?

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