Missing Richard Simmons podcast is fascinating

Missing Richard Simmons podcast is fascinating

You remember Richard Simmons the exercise guru from the 80s?  Friend and filmmaker Dan Taberski is truly worried about his teacher after he didn’t show up for his weekly class in February of 2014 and has created this fascinating podcast in hopes of finding where he is.

Taberski interviews many people, including his housekeeper and massage therapist, about his quirks, devotion and kindness.  Simmons helped a large number of overweight and uncomfortable students lose over a hundred pounds even offering his phone number and driving some to class. The majority of them are very concerned and insist this is not like the eccentric former star.

Others believe he is simply done and has the right to step out of the spotlight.

There are a few theories but I am still listening and do believe his disappearance is mysterious, confusing and very interesting.

Are you listening to Missing Richard Simmons? 

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