Starting a bullet journal

Starting a bullet journal

Before my friend, Nina, wrote about her bullet journal experience, I hadn’t given this new fad a second thought. Actually, I am still not sure I completely understand all the nuances, but am sold on the fact that everything is in one place.

I no longer have to run downstairs to look at my calendar, search for my lost grocery list, newest article idea or forget to make that appointment I’ve been meaning to do; it’s all there.

This is still new to me and testing the waters with a blank journal I found in my son’s room and a plain old pen. I spent some time admiring #bulletjournal on Instagram and can tell you mine bullet journal looks nothing like them inside or outside.  My bullet journal isn’t pretty, but I believe it will be functional and a welcome break from our highly digital era.

Dare I say I am more productive and organized since I began?

Have you tried to bullet journal? 

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