Kindness begins with ourselves

Kindness begins with ourselves

I’ve been on a big kindness kick.  It began in conversations with my children.  I still remember the kids’ names that were mean to me when I was their age.  It is critical for me to enforce the effect bullying and hurtful comments has on not only classmates, but everyone, even adults.

Small tasks such as holding the door, helping someone struggling or even paying for the person behind you in line spreads endorphins, smiles and good feelings to everyone around you.

In a recent yoga practice I realized we often forget to be kind to ourselves.  A snowball effect can occur if we listen to our bodies, treat ourselves with respect and feed it with healthy foods, people and choices.

As a busy mother, I find myself tunnel focused on my little ones evolving into happy and successful people, there are times I neglect to make sure I am continuing to grow in a positive direction.


Little things including getting enough sleep, eating clean food, going to yoga, a good conversation, exercise and respecting others are easy ways to practice kindness with ourselves.

Are you kind to yourself?  What are ways you practice kindness? 

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