My dream job is to name nail polish

My dream job is to name nail polish

I treated myself to a much-needed manicure and I picked out a fresh navy nail polish.  My manicurist commented that she really liked the color and the ladies around leaned in to see my hands and also praised it.

I asked what it was called to make a mental note for next time expecting something along the line of dark blue.

After school boys blazer” she answered as she flipped the bottle upside down.

My mind went to a Gossip Girl type blazer and it made sense.  Who comes up with these names? Sounds like a dream job to me.

Upon further inspection I’ve found some other stellar nail polish names from Essie.

fishnet stockings (dark red)

swept off my feet (pretty pink)

turquoise & caicos (can you guess?)

designated dj (happy plum)

tea & crumpets (frosted beige)

bell-bottom blues (can you guess?)

aim to misbehave (bright yellow)

now and zen (soft grey)

ballet slippers (my standby neutral)

Now, I’m off to see if Essie is hiring!

What color are your nails? 

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