A spoonful of honey better than cough syrup

A spoonful of honey better than cough syrup

My poor girl has been fighting a cold the past few days.  She is tough and barely slows downs even when running a light fever and coughing. She also refuses medicines.  We’ve found one chewable grape oral pill she will take, but otherwise nothing in the form of liquid.

In most cases I am on board with drinking lots of liquids and trying to let the bug run its course.  I have tried putting liquid meds in smoothies, applesauce and even popsicles and my sleuth-like daughter notices every single time.

After school yesterday her cough was very resistant and deep and I suggested she try cough medicine and not surprisingly she refused.  Then I suggested a spoonful of honey and she agreed.


The cough was gone.

“Studies, such as one conducted at Penn State College of Medicine, have found that honey can work more efficiently to calm a cough than over-the-counter drugs. It is a rich demulcent, with a high viscosity and stickiness that does an incredible job of coating and soothing those irritated mucous membranes. Thanks to an enzyme added by bees when they harvest honey, it also has antibacterial properties as well, which may help shorten how long you have the cough if it is due to bacterial illness.”

Last night, or maybe it was early this morning, while I was sleeping I heard the coughing and opened my eyes to see my daughter standing next to my bed.  Without saying much we tip-toed downstairs and I gave her a spoonful of honey and some water, walked her upstairs, tucked her into bed, kissed her warm forehead and we both fell back asleep.  It wasn’t until this morning that I thought about all the sugar in the honey.

Have you ever tried honey for a cough or have any other natural therapies to share? 

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