A breast cancer survivor speaks on kindness

A breast cancer survivor speaks on kindness

Two years ago this fall, a mom of a girl in my daughter’s class, Heather, came over for yoga.  She was nervous, sick and fragile when she arrived, but after our hour she was confident, strong and now my friend.

She wrote these eloquent words on Facebook today and I found them to be relatable and worth sharing.

*    *   *

During the month of pink and this intense political climate

I want to dedicate a post to the random kindness of strangers during my journey.

In late June I went Wig shopping .

I felt like a deflated balloon waiting for a taxi.

There had to be 5 to 6 other people who were there before me waiting.

A cab pulled up; and the young lady who was next, opened the door and looked at me and said ” This cab is for you”.

Beginning of August I was walking a guest to a table at the restaurant.

He taps me on the shoulder and then he grabs my hand and puts the St. Michael Police Prayer Coin in it.

Late summer, I decided to take Allison to party city and buy her as much candy and balloons as she wants.

We hopped on the bus but there were no seats at 5:00PM.

Next thing I know 4 different people stood up and offered us their seat.

Sometime early Fall I was at the Post office downtown.

I start feeling a bit light headed in line, but it was of the utmost importance to mail this letter.

Once I was standing in front of the postwoman.

She said ” Let me finish this for you” and she handed me a bottle of water

Mid fall I was taking a taxi to work and I was not feeling too hot.

I asked the driver to pull over multiple times.

I am so sorry I kept repeating.

He just smiles and says “Do not think twice about it.”

Lastly, it is Thanksgiving and I am working in the restaurant.

There was one party of 15 that needed to wait sometime for their table.

If you have ever worked in a restaurant during a holiday…and you are running late.. it is blasphemy.

Not once, did they say why are we waiting so long? Not once, did they look at their watch. Not once, did they tap their foot impatiently.

They just stood there with me and made small talk.

Once they were seated the matriarch said “kick cancers a**.”

I know these strangers are not going to see this post; but to know you are out there puts a big smile on my face.

*   *   *

Thank you, Heather!  You inspire me to use compassion and understanding when interacting with others.

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