Taking a social media break

Taking a social media break

It has been some time since I’ve taken a break from social media.  The past five years Facebook and Instagram has been a huge part of everyday.  Somedays it is the first thing I look at in the morning and before I go to bed at night.

Recently I learned someone I know was in a bad marriage.  Her Facebook and Instagram photos portrayed the most beautiful and perfect life that I was shocked to learn this heartbreaking truth.

Then I started thinking of my own photos.  What story am I portraying in the images I share?

Slowly I’ve tried to share less, yet I continue to find myself, almost by habit, looking at other people’s photos and wondering what I am gaining by watching other’s lives many times a day. Instead I want to focus on living my life.

Obviously, I love knowing about new babies, weddings and keeping in touch with old friends and family, but beyond that how is it helping me?

Is my life inferior to all the picture perfect parties and laughing families lying in the grass together?

Maybe, but I am happy in the present moment.

This is the hard part.  I (somewhat reluctantly) deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone as a start.  I will let you know what happens.

Would you consider taking a social media break?  

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