Take a break and bake a cake

Take a break and bake a cake

My girl has gotten into cooking lately.  She impressed me when she helped me chop up red peppers, shallots and garlic for a corn salad I made last weekend for our block party.

Later when talking about it, she revealed she can make salads but doesn’t yet know how to make a cake.

Like any good mother, I explained baking is more about being exact in measurements and of course, we would bake a cake.


First, she looked through my cookbooks and decided on a carrot cake.

Next, we went shopping for the ingredients we needed.


By then it was already dark outside and she begged and begged to make the carrot cake immediately. I did my best to explain to a disappointed girl that cake takes time and it was too late to begin. But, I promised we could make it tomorrow.

The minute she was home from school she washed her hands and was ready to bake a cake.

She measured, cracked eggs, stirred and impressed me as she seriously and carefully followed the recipe.


Unfortunately, we had to take a three hour break for Hebrew school, but she was back at it after dinner and the cake was not out of the oven until almost 9 p.m.

Waiting for it to cool was not easy.


It was fun to take a break and bake a cake and it was a delicious treat for breakfast the next morning.

When was the last time you baked a cake? 

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