No homework in 3rd Grade

No homework in 3rd Grade

My daughter came home from her first few days of 3rd grade with no homework, but I assumed maybe it was because it was the first week.  Yet at the Open House the teacher nervously stood in front of the classroom of parents and told us she was trying something new this year.  She explained that, besides the weekly reading log, there was no data that showed homework worksheets were positive in the child’s learnings.  Instead she suggested we spend time as a family.

It was quiet for a moment and then an applause broke out in the room.

I might have clapped along with the other parents, I’m already the new parent in class and didn’t want to stand out in any way, but, I was still undecided about this no homework concept.

For years the kids and I have come home from school and followed an undiscussed rhythm.  They unpack their bags and I prepare a snack and then it is homework time.  Even before my girl was assigned schoolwork, she would draw or make me create pretend homework for her.  Her compulsive brother set a good example and homework was rarely an issue. Most importantly, doesn’t homework teach accountability and responsibilty?

The more I thought about it, I realized they often rushed through it to be done and little thought was put into the answers besides completing the assignment. As the year went on we became more relaxed of the schedule and I would have to nag them to get it done.

With thought, I’ve decided with all the other changes going on; why not embrace one more change?

Instead of doing homework after school, we are going to the library, cooking together and I’ve signed up my girl for probably too many after school classes.  She now can dance, move and tumble after sitting at a desk the majority of the day.

I’ve noticed she is reading more, playing math games on the computer, asking thought provoking questions and pretending to play school and teach her dolls (they don’t get homework either).

Now I think I’m behind the no homework in 3rd grade concept.

What is your stance on homework? 

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