A day in Milwaukee

A day in Milwaukee

We decided to explore our neighboring state, Wisconsin, this Labor Day weekend and were surprised by the fun we had in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee borders our beautiful Lake Michigan and boasts award-winning, restaurants, museums, theaters, bike trails and golf courses.

We visited the impressive Discovery World, which includes a science and technology center, in addition to an aquarium.  It was extremely digital and hands-on and I know all four of us learned a lot while there.

A few highlights included lying on a bed of nails.


Building molecules.


Floating balls.


And when was the last time you saw a telephone booth?


We were super hungry after all the exploring and took our friend’s suggestion to try out the Safe House for lunch.  A password is required to enter the spy-themed family-friendly daytime spot.  While we waited for our table there were clues and activities throughout the restaurant providing a fun atmosphere for everyone.  At nighttime, Safe House becomes a magically and mysterious club.


Also, did you know Happy Days took place in Milwaukee? (I think Laverne & Shirley did too!)


Other must-see spots in Milwaukee include the Art Museum, Harley-Davidson Museum and Zoo.


Have you ever been to Milwaukee? 

And a few of my Chicago favorites: Family spotsBike the Drive and River Park.  

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