Mom bloggers must stop by age 10

Mom bloggers must stop by age 10

My children are now 8 and 10 years old and I’ve realized I can’t write about them much anymore. It’s cathartic to be a mom blogger and write about breastfeeding, potty training, thumb sucking and all the many gross and frustrating issues and triumphs in the first decade of our offspring’s lives.  Yet, there is a point when these little babies become people that go online and it just isn’t fair for me to write about what they are going through.

I wish I could share the tween emotions involved in starting a new school at this age.  I want to jump in and fix everything, the same time I want to give them space.  I hope my not so little ones use common sense and compassion as they navigate obstacles, although I hope they will also ask for my help and opinions.

The control I once (tried to) have over regular feedings, schedules and activities is now slowing slipping out of my fingers into the hands of the cutest (in my opinion), smart and strong children.


Would you write about your children at this age? 

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