I tried Shred415

I tried Shred415

I tried a new workout, Shred415, this weekend and I’m glad I stepped out of my exercise comfort zone to try something different.  Shred 415 is an interval training class that alternates between treadmills and floor strength training with weights, balls and benches.

Years ago when my kids were babies, I frequented the Daily Method and Bonnie Micheli was my favorite teacher.  Today she with partner Tracy Roemer has opened seven Shred415 locations (in Chicago, St. Louis and Carmel, Indiana soon) and inspire me as smart and healthy moms in business.

When I arrived to the small space I picked a treadmill with half of the class, while the remainder started on the floor.  I don’t exercise regularly on the treadmill and felt unstable at first, but surprised myself as the time and intervals progressed I was able to pick up my pace even breaking into a run at points.

The floor sequence rotated between planks, squats, lunges, twists, curls and dips. I was careful to use weights that were not too heavy and enjoyed the fast-paced sequence.

Today I feel strong, and sore every stair I walk up, and already deciding when to go to my next class.

Have you ever tried Shred415? 

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