First impressions of the suburbs

First impressions of the suburbs

We received the keys to our new home at about 2:55 p.m. yesterday and raced to our dream house to greet the movers that were waiting for us with all of our possessions on a truck.

Within the first hour I met two of our neighbors and had more in common with them then the previous ones I lived next door to for years.  We agreed to carpool and get together when things settle.

My family came and helped us put sheets on beds and toilet paper in the bathrooms, then we toasted with champagne and milkshakes and I found myself standing on my driveway, which in itself is absurd, saying goodbye.

It is morning now and looking out the window I see green trees and sunlight and I hear nothing more than a car drive by and a dog bark.  I am really appreciating the quiet and the vacation-like feel. My daughter is still sleeping, which is unheard of, but she can’t hear her brother who is downstairs and either can I!

This was a good decision.

Now I just need to find where I packed the coffee pot.

Do you live in the suburbs?  

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