A few things I will miss in Chicago

A few things I will miss in Chicago

We are in the home stretch with this moving journey.  This time next week we will be in our new home in the suburbs.  I’m focusing on the finish line, but still taking moments to shed tears over the places, things and people I will miss the most.


Yogaview has been my yoga studio of choice for over ten years.  Every single time I walk in there, a sense of peace, hope and calm washes over me.  I looked around the sunny, crowded room this morning before class and took in the positive energy, smiles and community I will miss a lot.


Green City Market will be hard not to frequent, but I know there are plenty of top-notch markets near my new home.  Abby’s Crepes that started as a tiny little stand and grew into a well-oiled, but still friendly operation can not be replicated.  Eating a new mix of fresh findings from the market in a homemade crepe is about as good as it gets for me.


Living close to Wrigley Field is something we often take for granted.  I will fondly remember our bike rides to Cubs Games; rickshaw rides home from concerts and the energy, excitement and history behind the stadium.


The culture and opportunities of the city of Chicago will be hard to leave.  I relish in my kids’ learning from the legendary Second City and Gus Giordano Dance Studio and know how much they will miss our impromptu trips to the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute and Museum of Science and Industry.


The people I’ve met over my years as a resident of Chicago are by far what I’ll miss the most.  Everyone has a unique story that brought them to the Chicago, their diverse backgrounds and families have taught me many life lessons.

What are your favorite things about Chicago or your city? 

And a few more Chicago favorites: Family spotsBike the Drive and River Park.  

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