Packing tips from an expert

Packing tips from an expert

Moving has now become a reality and I have a house that needs to be packed.  There is so much stuff and I am not sure where to begin or how to put the past eight years into boxes in an orderly fashion.  I reached out to organization expert, Erin Kelly, and she offered helpful advice.

How far in advance should I begin packing? 

“Start packing ASAP. Especially if you are putting your current house on the market. You will need to declutter it and “stage” it for maximum results. The earlier you start packing, the easier it will be.”

I am so overwhelmed, where do I start with packing up our home?  

“Start packing the off season clothes, off season activity items, and memory items. Pack up your framed family pictures (realtors don’t want them out. Also pack up  those kitchen items that you rarely use.  Be sure to label each box where it is going in the new house- not where it came from( I see this happen all the time). I like the post it stickers. I use a different color for each room. Also pack up books and music. Use the basement (if you have one as a staging area for boxes or a guest room closet.)”

 Do you have advice to get my kids involved with packing? 

“As far as getting kids involved, its a perfect time to have them purge their clothes and toys. I don’t think I would have them actually pack items but they can help with prep work such as stickering boxes and taking items out of the closet.”

 Any other packing tips? 

“Close out rooms that you aren’t using. Purge before you pack. Its a perfect time to get rid of things that don’t work in the new home. I would sell or donate it before you move. Don’t get rid of empty containers or bins from the old house, until  you are settled in the new one.  Pack them all  together. Unpack and place in central area and use as needed. ”

 How can I start out in my new home organized?  

“The key is the packing. The better you pack, the easier it will be to unpack.  Pack like with like. You will end up with a few boxes that are miscellaneous at the end. Make sure you have a parts or electronics box. Put your bed linen in a trash bag and take it with you. That way you can unpack it after the movers set up the beds.”

Thank you, Erin! Have you moved recently? Do you have any packing tips to add? 

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