Moving is stressful

Moving is stressful

My mom told me, “Moving is one of the most stressful times in your life.”

“I know,” I responded.  But really didn’t know, or remember from our previous moves.

We are considering moving this summer. I can’t say we are moving because there are no signed contracts and I am very aware that everything can fall through at any moment.

I understand why moving is stressful considering it involves the biggest purchase on one’s life.  It also forces conversations and decisions involving cities, neighborhoods, schools and possibly the next thirty years of our lives.

Lots of patience is also needed to withstand this process.  Moving requires hours, days and long weekends of waiting, not knowing and putting your trust and faith in others.

Surprisingly, our kids that we were most worried about are actually handling this better than we are.  I’m learning from them to focus on each day and let the future fall into place.

I hope that happens soon.

Any advice on how you survived moving? 

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