The best salads in Chicago

The best salads in Chicago

I love to eat out, but try to make healthy choices especially this time of year.  Luckily, I have eaten salads all the way from Roger’s Park to Pilson and compiled my list of the best salads in Chicago for you.

Robust Rosa at Left Coast Food. Everything is delicious at this new north side hot spot.  After trying all the salads, I declared this simple mix of kale, spinach, roasted broccoli, roasted tomato, red onion, toasted hemp seeds and avocado caesar dressing the best.

The Wrightwood Salad at Frasca, Dunlays and Crosbys is a favorite of many. This signature dish includes greens, craisins, avocado, goat cheese and almonds.

The Salad Bar at RJ Grunts claims to be the first salad bar ever and boast over 50 fresh ingredients.

Brussels Sprout Salad from Hub 51. The filling but light dish features mejdool dates, manchengo cheese, almonds and a tasty vinaigrette.

Goddess Chopped Veggie at Goddess and the Grocer I would eat daily if I could.  Greens, veggies and garbanzo beans are topped with a tahini based masterpiece called goddess dressing.


Honorable mentions also go to Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen’s Quinoa Kitchen Salad, Turquoise Cafe’s Turkish Feta Salad and all of the salads at Cafe Nordstrom.

 Do you have a favorite salad in Chicago? 

Other salads I love: Thai cantaloupe, Mexican chopped and Avocado carrot

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