My son is the only boy in his camp group

My son is the only boy in his camp group
First day of camp - pre drop off smiles.

The kids started camp this week. I’m already feeling guilty, as it seems every child around age ten are heading off to overnight camp this summer.  Looking at everyone’s Facebook send-offs gives me anxiety from simply considering sending my quirky bookworm away for an extended time.

My boy loves theater and gained confidence and acting skills at theater camp last summer, and per his request signed him up again.  He was excited even reading the story they were performing the night before the first day.

In the morning I packed his lunch and did my best to stay calm and convincing as we signed in. After I said goodbye to my temporarily nervous daughter, I peaked in to wave to my son who sat in a circle of girls.

It was hard to read what he was telling me through his eyes. I whispered to a counselor standing by the door, “Is he the only boy?”

“Yes, but this is very common as it is theater camp,” she answered.

I considered listing all the boys and men successful in theater and film, but instead will spend the remainder of the day worrying that he is unhappy.

He does have many friends that are girls. Am I worrying for no reason? 

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