How often do you clean your yoga mat?

How often do you clean your yoga mat?

I’m guilty of going way too long without cleaning my yoga mat.  Sometimes logistics can be tricky because I don’t like to clean my mat before my practice because then it can be wet and slippery.  Afterwards I don’t always have time to let it dry.  Also, I don’t want chemicals near my mat.

This was all solved when I found Mat Mist, an all-natural yoga mat cleansing solution. The best part is it eliminates the need for a wipe down.  Each mist of essential oils contains medicinal and cleansing properties.

Founder Cassie Cosgrove was tired of using vinegar, tea tree oil, and disposable towelettes to purify her yoga mat.I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a product that smells amazing and didn’t require wiping down.”

All you have to do is spray and go and they all smell so good.


How often do you clean your yoga mat? 

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