Are we at our best right now?

Are we at our best right now?
Was I happy or stressed here?

“Write about a period or moment in your life when you were at your best”

It’s funny to me that some of the times in my life that I was at my best, I didn’t realize until it was over.

The other day I was looking at the photos of me at the Grand Canyon almost twenty years ago and I vividly remember feeling fat, which is obviously ridiculous now looking at photos of me as a thin and naive college student.

Today I am sucking in my bloated belly in what feels like a too tight dress.  If I were to take a photo, would I look back in 2025 thinking the same?

Will I always feel fat regardless of my size or time in life?

This question is clearly much larger than ten or even twenty pounds and hopefully deeper than my physical appearance and current activity level versus desire to eat good food.

I look at photos and reminisce when my children were babies.  I remember being in a restaurant, unable to enjoy my blessings and family, instead worried that others were judging or looking at me because my first born was loudly curious and my second born was crying.  My daughter basically cried for the first year of her life, which greatly impacted my confidence as a mother.

In reality now when I see mothers struggling I relate and feel compassion, I am not judging yet commiserating and looking back I am pretty confident the looks I received were probably similar, in most cases.

This is frustrating to realize I am missing out on amazing moments and not appreciating until they have passed.

With this revelation, I am hoping today I realize I am my best self now.  My goal is to enjoy the moment and not feel paralyzed by what others think or don’t think.

I would hate to reflect back on today and regrettably realize how absolutely fabulous I was.


Can you relate?

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