Yoga games your children will love

Yoga games your children will love

If I ask my second grader to do yoga with me, lately more often than not the answer is “no.” She is always asking me to play with her and was thrilled when I invited her to play a yoga game together.

ThinkFun’s Yoga Cards the Game is a very simple and easy way to incorporate yoga into both you and your little ones lives.


The fast-paced game includes green cards with a variety of poses and red cards with missions (collect two cards where the yogi has one leg bent or feet apart).  Once you have held seven poses for ten seconds you win.

It was a fun way to spend time, slow down and create body awareness with my quickly growing girl.


I am definitely packing this when we travel over the summer. We also love the Yoga Spinner Game and Memory Yoga.

Do you do yoga with your kids? 

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