Things my daughter will not get rid of

Things my daughter will not get rid of

My daughter is a hoarder and has a very hard time getting rid of things.  She is extremely creative and comes up with very interesting art and games from scraps of paper, clothes sizes too small, lost puzzle pieces and fallen Barbie shoes.

My girl is constantly taking things out of the recycling bag or donation bin.  It is frustrating to say the least.

Here are five (of many) things she will not say goodbye to.

1. Every goody bag and it’s contents she has received for the past seven years.

2. Each shoebox she or anyone in the family has ever received.

3. Valentines she received from classmates in 2014.

4. All Legos, instruction manuals and boxes we have ever received.

5. Her changing table from when she was a baby.

It makes me crazy because I am the opposite and prefer minimalism.  It seems sensory kids tend to be messy and find comfort from their things.

My mom claims I was very messy as a child, so there is hope.

Can you relate?  Does your child have a time letting go of things? 

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