Bike the Drive is a reminder why we live in Chicago

Bike the Drive is a reminder why we live in Chicago

Every year, Bike the Drive closes Lake Shore Drive and opens the 60-mile lakefront highway to bikers of all ages and skill levels.

This was the 15th year and we decided since the kids now are both comfortable riding their bikes, it was time.  It was somewhat of a hassle to get up and out early Sunday morning, but we made it!


The gorgeous view was a welcome reminder of the unique architecture of our city, the breeze and sun worked together to create ideal weather, the people were (mostly) kind and the mood was positive.  To be real, the kids did complain. They were hot, someone’s back hurt, and they got tired. I’m hoping despite that, they will be glad they pushed their selves and this will be one of those memories they will remember for years.

I’m glad my family was active together and enjoyed our beautiful (despite the many problems) city.


Did you participate in Bike the Drive?  Hope you had a good long weekend. 

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