Mother's Day gifts we really want

Mother's Day gifts we really want

Every year I think I enjoy Mother’s Day even more.  I appreciate my own mother and relish in how my kids now express their love for me.  We never need gifts, but small tokens of gratitude are never turned away.

Sleeping in.  These days I can’t sleep late even if I try.  That is ok.  I will be happy to not have to jump out of bed to let the dog out, make the kids breakfast and get the day started.

Breakfast in bed. This is a special treat and I will never complain about delicious food brought to me on a tray.

Handmade gifts from kids. I love and save each personalized framed photo, mug and poem made with love from my littles.

Massage appointment.  Self care is important and I am a new, relaxed, mellow and fun person when I return from a massage.  I’ve gotten gift cards in the past and while very thoughtful, I never ended up making the appointment!

Jewelry. Personalized jewelry with children’s names engraved is a sweet reminder as we tread through the thick of parenting.  I like this, this and this.


What do you really want for Mother’s Day?  

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Above card from Etsy.

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