Thank you to our teachers

Thank you to our teachers

I received this flyer at school drop off today. Although it is an inconvenience to have another day off of school; I support and thank our teachers.

My kids have had some less-than-stellar teachers in the past, but luckily this year they both have smart, thoughtful, creative, understanding, encouraging, fun and interesting teachers. I’ve seen growth in their learning, but also compassion in interacting with others and the world.

I asked some fellow writers about their favorite teachers.

“Dr. Simmons, my history professor. I majored in history because of him. He cared for me. He is one of the most influential people in my life. He was a parent, a mentor, a teacher. He challenged me. He helped me envision a future for myself. If I have even one moment as a teacher as powerful as he was for me, I will have succeeded.” – Kerri

“My favorite teacher was my cultural history teacher. He dressed up like Zeus and told stories while running over our tables.” – Annemarie

“I do have a favorite of my daughter’s. She was my favorite because she really knew my daughter. She understood her personality, the good and the challenging – she just ‘got’ her. Therefore, she taught and communicated with her as the person she was versus just another student learning the same curriculum. I think the greatest gift our teachers can give our children is taking the time to know them and understand them!” – Nina

“My favorite teacher was Ms. Joanne Mitchell in the 4th grade. She would keep a gigantic bag of candy in her classroom locker. In order to get the candy, she created paper dollars. You would get a paper dollar each time you did a good deed. We would turn them in at the end of the week to exchange for candy. She was teaching us incentives without us realizing it!” – Sabrina

Teachers: you are making a difference; we appreciate and will remember you.

Do you remember any of your teachers?  Are you happy with your kid’s teachers?  I love to hear from you. 

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