Natural Stain Removers

Natural Stain Removers

Am I the only one that feels like I am always doing laundry?  Believe or not, I’ve made the never-ending task more fun since I discovered these natural stain removing solutions. I must admit it is quite satisfying to return a white shirt to looking almost new after an unfortunate encounter with permanent marker.

Did you know you can use these items that you might already have at home to eliminate stains?

For coffee stains – use baking soda

For deodorant stains – use denim

Blood – use salt and hydrogen peroxide

Red wine – use white wine

Lipstick – use baby wipes

For ink stains – use milk

Sweat stains – use lemon juice

For grass stains – use vinegar


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Have you tried any of these?  Do you have any natural stain removers to share?

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