Excited to be a part of Listen to Your Mother 2016

Excited to be a part of Listen to Your Mother 2016

Before my Listen to Your Mother audition last weekend, I sat in my car, felt the sun beat on my face, closed my eyes and meditated.

Despite the breath work and visualization, I was still terrified at my audition and didn’t stop shaking until more than half way through my piece. I left relieved it was over.

A few days later I received the email. WELCOME TO THE CAST OF LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER 2016!

“If at first you don’t succeed, try again.”

I tried out for Listen to Your Mother the past FOUR years and got rejected FOUR times. Yes, I felt upset, frustrated and not good enough.

Each May rolled around, the sting had faded and I made the choice to be a part of the audience. Every year I watched the show comfortably from my seat, grateful to be listening instead of speaking.  Each year I became more inspired by these brave women (and men)  that shared their honest, beautiful and funny words.

This year is different.  I am part of the cast, something I wanted, but didn’t know if I could have.

I hope my children saw me try and get knocked down and try again year after year. That might be a bigger lesson, than the journey to proudly and calmly stand on the stage and read my words in front of many people.

I’m definitely stepping outside my comfort zone and really hope to see many of you in the audience of the Athenaeum Theatre on May 1.

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