Are you always early or always late?

Are you always early or always late?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an early person.  It mostly happens without even considering as I give myself more time than I need to get ready and arrive at my destination.

The times I am running late, I get stressed and anxious and it isn’t pretty. Therefore, I plan accordingly and appreciate the few minutes to breathe (or check emails) before entering. My kids seem to benefit from getting to school early to get settled before the day begins.

Our punctuality results in my kids are I often waiting in the car before activities and events. Is it because I am type A that I am often the first one at a party?  I will not lie and admit there are times; I wish I could show up breezy and fashionably late.

According to Diana DeLonzor, author of Never Be Late Again, “The bottom line is timeliness — like lateness — is tricky to understand, and isn’t fully. “Punctuality is a much more complex issue than people realize,” says DeLonzor. Like any well-established habit, “whether that was prompted by physiology or psychology,” she says, being chronically early (or late) is a tough routine to break.”

Lucky for me my husband is an early person as well.  I am sure our friends find it very annoying.

Are you an early person, a late person or a little of both?

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