About our Listen to Your Mother rehearsal

About our Listen to Your Mother rehearsal

Last Saturday the cast of Listen to Your Mother Chicago gathered for our first rehearsal at the light and airy DL Loft.  Mildly apprehensive, but mostly excited I embraced the unique experience. We sat in a semi circle and listened to each cast member speak truthfully about either being a mom and having a mom.

It struck me that everyone was completely honest and authentic. There was no place to hide our bodies or words and it was very refreshing to be surrounded by real people and hear their real stories.  Nothing was sugar coated and there was no room for ego, competition or judgment. I struggle to find that in day to day mothering.

As we absorbed the raw words, we laughed a lot and cried too, when our hearts told us to. (Well, I held back my tears a little as I didn’t think my first rehearsal was a place for blotchy tear-stained skin.)

Even after we finished and devoured the best tasting pizza and salad (being vulnerable makes you hungry), I appreciated that the conversation continued to be heartfelt and sincere. It felt incredible to spend an afternoon in a safe place of kindness.

The good news is you too can be a part of this.  I’ve sat in the audience of Listen to Your Mother and I’ve felt the same heart-warming honesty and vulnerability. You can buy tickets here (early bird discount ends March 31).

Afterwards I had dinner and watched a movie with my kids, feeling a little more grateful for these warm bodies beside me.

I ended Saturday saying to myself, “That was a good day.”


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All photos by Brandi Lee of Balee Images.

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