What I am reading: 'American Housewife: Stories'

What I am reading: 'American Housewife: Stories'

This new book, packed with 12 short stories, caught my eye at our neighborhood bookstore.  American Housewife: Stories is an honest collection of  snippets of domestic life that explores everything from infertility to infidelity. Writer, housewife and shrewd poker player Helen Ellis compiles a witty, fresh and unique commentary on modern motherhood.


The first story, What I do all day, is less than three pages long and uses blunt, ridiculous and relatable phrases including, “I cry because I don’t have the upper arm strength to flat iron my hair” and “Fearing cold and flu season, I fist-bump the credit card machine pad.” Other favorites include Dead Doorman and How to be a grown ass lady.

I appreciate the easy reading and each carefully thought out and lyrical word.  It also is a nice reminder that although someone may be stunningly perfect on the outside, you never know what is going on in each individuals complicated inside.


Have you read American Housewife: Stories or any other short story books? What are you reading these days? 

A few other book suggestions if you are in a reading mood: Crazy, Sexy, DietEleanor & Park and Me Before You.

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