My favorite baby girl names

My favorite baby girl names

I am past the baby naming stage, but still love learning, hearing and reading girl’s names and imagining names for brand new babies.

In my opinion, naming a female is far easier than a male. Maybe it is because a lot of boy names are now used in naming girls (Max, Sawyer and Wyatt). Today I’m sharing my current five favorite baby girl names.






Growing up with a one syllable name, I always wished I had a name that could be shortened into a nickname.  Here are a few: Madeline (Maddy), Isabelle (Belle), Annabel (Annie), Alexis (Lexi) and Abigail (Abi).

I also like names that have meaning including: Grace, Hope, Autumn, Summer and Rose. It is funny to look back at the popular girl names from when I was a kid: Jennifer, Lisa, Elizabeth, Kimberly, Sarah and Rachel.

What are your favorite baby girl names? 

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