My favorite baby boy names

My favorite baby boy names

Thank you for sharing all your favorite baby girl names with me.  As promised, today I am revealing my favorite boy names.  I must admit this one took much longer than the girls list did.  Even though my days of naming children are behind me, I still find it fun to talk names.


Here are my current favorite boy names.






I love boys whose names are inspired by places, especially when those spots have significant meaning to the parents: Austin, Jackson and Logan.  Fun fact: My son’s middle name is Ashland as our first condo, where he was conceived and born, was on Ashland Avenue in Chicago.

Then there are a few that I go back and forth about: Hunter, Chase, Ryder and Blake. Also, popular boys names when I was a kid don’t seem as old fashioned as the girls did: Jason, Scott, Michael and Brian.

Please share your favorite baby boy names. I would love to hear them. 

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