Does punishing kids work?

Does punishing kids work?

I got punished often as a kid. I am sure it was well deserved and I think I turned out all right. I spent a lot of time in my room pretending to do my homework, writing in my journal and resentful of my parents, even though I now know they were doing their best.

Recently my mom and I discussed her strict approach to raising my sister and I was partly because my grandma was very laid back when raising her.  Now my own parenting technique is generally less stern and more carefree, although admittedly I sometimes wish I could be firmer. Is that how it works? Does each generation change their parenting technique based on how they were raised?

Obviously in moments of disappointment and anger I send my kids to their rooms to calm down and refocus and take away the much-loved electronics. Yet, I also believe that screaming accomplishes very little and sometimes kids act out because they are craving attention. I’ve found simply spending quality and focused one on one time together is what my little ones often need. This usually leads to conversations about why their actions or words were wrong and help them find a more appropriate solution to solve the problem next time.

At times I wonder if I am making a mistake in not being stricter with my children.  Am I teaching them that wrongdoing does not come with consequences? Of course, I hope my offspring know to listen and respect me and other adults and ultimately hope to raise kind, polite and thoughtful individuals.

What is your style of parenting?  Is it different than how you were raised? Do you find punishment is effective in teaching your little ones right and wrong? 

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