7 reasons I love Blue Apron

7 reasons I love Blue Apron

Have you heard of Blue Apron?  Blue Apron is a weekly box that arrives at your door with all the measured ingredients you need to make a delicious, fresh and unique meal. You can choose dietary preferences (vegetarian, chicken, beef, fish) and delivery options (one, two or three meals a week for 2 or 4 people).

A few months ago, I was uninspired in the kitchen and truly stressed about coming up with healthy meals for my family. I signed up for Blue Apron and am beyond thrilled by this decision.

Here are seven reasons I am glad I committed to Blue Apron.

1. Two days a week (we get two meals a week) I do not have to think about what we are eating for dinner.

2. Every meal is different and tasty, the food is delicious, diverse and by far our best meals of the week.

3. My kids now help me cook.  The box comes with clear directions that even a seven-year-old can follow.


4. Less trips to the grocery store.

5. My children are eating vegetables they never before would have tried (hello cabbage, arugula, parsnips).

6. I am learning new cooking skills and techniques. By following the easy to understand directions, I now know new ways to prepare meats, combine sauces and alternate methods for vegetables.

7. Less waste. Blue Apron provides four portions of broccoli, faro and condiments and I am no longer left with anything wilting or another random jar in my fridge.

Honestly, I become giddy every single week when my Blue Apron box arrives!

Have you tried Blue Apron or any other meal delivery service? 

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