What I am watching these days

What I am watching these days

This time of year seems to be a good one for staying inside and watching TV.  I have a lot of criteria when it comes to shows and try to stay away from anything too violent (although Breaking Bad was clearly an exception to that rule).

The Affair.  My husband and I are on Season 2 with only a few episodes left.  Like Season 1, it starts out a little bit slow, but picks up by the sixth or seventh episode. I am waiting for my man to come home so we can see what happens next.  This story follows Allison and Noah, plus their former spouses Helen and Cole involved in anything but a simple life. The Affair is available on Showtime On Demand.

New Girl.  Netflix now has the first four seasons of this light comedy that reminds me of a newer version of Friends.  The cast led by works well together and this is an easy and funny thirty minutes. New episodes of New Girl are now airing on Fox.

My Crazy Ex Girlfriend.  I just got turned on to this one, which I realized you can watch for free on the CW website (unfortunately you will have to suffer through the many commercials as well.) This bizarrely fresh and is smart captivating and funny. My Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a new musical comedy that addresses that explores all of our search for identity.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Making a Murderer this week. Although, I don’t generally enjoy shows about killers, I must admit I am intrigued.  I also really want to see Transparent

Do you spend a lot of time watching TV this time of year? What are you watching these days?  I love to hear your suggestions. 

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Old fashioned TV image from WAMC.

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