The moments that happen that are not on social media

The moments that happen that are not on social media

Entering the new year I’ve been reflecting about the message I (or we) are sending by posting happy picture perfect photos on social media.  Are we trying to share the good times in our lives, bragging or portraying a false reality?

Now that my kids are getting older and more active online, YouTube is heaven on earth for my ten-year-old, I need to be conscious about the example I am setting.  I’ve also been keenly aware that everyone is always holding their phone in their hands (me included) and I desperately want to scream:


It is the world we live in and our phones provide us endless benefits, yet I wanted to share a moment with you, that was so much better than any picture on Instagram.

My daughter and I have been reading Judy Blume’s Superfudge, we recently borrowed from our library.  She sat on my bed, book in hand, waiting to cozy up to Peter’s story of his funny family and their move to Princeton.

“Let me just check my phone.” I replied without even thinking about the words before I said them.

I saw my fingers moving as my eyes and fingers worked together to review my new emails, texts, Facebook notifications, Instagram photos and even Words with Friends games in a matter of seconds.  As I was doing this I was asking myself,

“Is any of this more important then being with my daughter, who is seven and still wants to cuddle and read with me?”

Mad at myself, I left my phone plugged into the wall and snuggled up next to my girl and without discussion began reading about Fudge’s latest mistake and Peter’s new school.

I took note of my girl’s warm leg intertwined with my cold foot and how she pronounced Sheila as “Shella” even though I corrected her and pointed out the “i” every single time she said it wrong.  My heart swelled as her voice changed and went up at the end of the sentence and even how she still twirls her hair and sucks her thumb as her big eyes followed the words I read on the left side of the page.


I didn’t move.  I almost couldn’t.  I knew moving to grab my phone would ruin the moment, the words of Judy Blume and anyway, no photo could ever really explain or be the same.

I’m going to try to use my phone less in 2016.

Can you relate?  Are you able to enjoy time away from your phone? 

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