Help me make mornings less chaotic

Help me make mornings less chaotic

My morning began with my hard working husband up and out of the house before the sun came up.  I was already awake and a little restless, but extra cold from last nights snow and struggling to get up and start my day.  At 7 a.m. I force myself to get up and sweetly turn on the kids’ lights wishing them a good morning and nicely arranging their underwear, socks, pants, tops and glasses on their beds simply asking them to put it on.  Next I went to their bathroom and put toothpaste on each toothbrush and placed each hairbrush next to their toothbrushes.

Still nobody was out of bed.  “Please wake up, it is time to go to school,” I nicely reminded my comfortable children.

As the clock ticked and I brushed my teeth and got myself together, they both still have not moved.  My heart rate intensified and I spoke more sternly this time. “It is now 7:20 and I do not want you to be late for school. Please get dressed now.”

I headed downstairs to let out the dog and make breakfast and impulsively decided to treat my offspring to banana pancakes on this cold morning.

“Your breakfast is almost ready. Are you coming?” I desperately pleaded more than once.

My boy eventually stumbled downstairs while reading his book.  Not too long later my girl entered the kitchen dressed without socks or glasses.

“Go back upstairs and put on your socks and your glasses, please.” I heard my voice losing patience.

I tried to breathe as her pancakes were getting cold and I knew it doesn’t take this long just to get socks and glasses that were sitting right on her bed where I left them.

“Are you coming?”

She slowly arrives with socks, but no glasses and sits down to eat her breakfast.

My son who was politely eating his breakfast suddenly becomes a new person with his silly buddy at the table.  He is now joking and rolling up his pancake like a taco.  Of course his sister has to copy every single thing her older brother does and is now rolling up her pancake like a taco.

I leave the room to answer a few emails and get my boots on, after all they don’t need me to eat breakfast, right?

Within minutes I see a homemade pancake (that I would’ve eaten) thrown across the room and hear screaming and then a sopping wet child runs toward me. I’m mad now, why do simple things seem so impossible some time?

I firmly instructed my girl to please get her boots and jacket on while I pick out out an entire new set of clothes for the boy who managed to get even his underwear drenched in water.  He throws everything in the hamper, assuming I will wash the outfit he was wearing for less than 12 minutes. My luck the new pants I hand him are too small. We finally find dry clothes that fit and head down stairs to see the girl without boots or a jacket.

Then she can’t find her boots.

Then we figure out her boots were left at school.

Then we remember it is gym day and I ask her to get her gym shoes on.

She puts on shoes that are not gym shoes.

My boy and I head out to the car and tell her to meet us when she can manage to get her proper shoes, coat, hat, gloves and backpack on.

She arrives in the car without her glasses on.


I run back inside to get them and defeated we finally head to school.  As I see them head into the school building, I notice that despite the hats on my little ones heads, it doesn’t appear either head of hair was properly brushed. I hate to drop off my kids to start their long day of learning with that kind of morning.  I don’t want them to feel like I am mad or disappointed in them and I really hope I didn’t set the tone for a frantic day ahead.

Do you have any tips to make mornings less chaotic? 

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